The Amazon Kindle, Pros and Cons of an E-reader–Should You Get One?

I have had the Amazon Kindle for a few years now (since 2010 I believe.) At first I got it because of all the free books that can be downloaded, all the classics among other things. But then the Kindle became more.

Now, I am highlighting the Kindle and not the Nook because I do not have Nook experience, but friends have told me of their Nook experiences and most of them have switched to a Kindle. So if you are looking into getting an e-reader, get the Amazon Kindle. You can get the Kindle app on almost any devise. You don’t even need a Kindle to read Kindle books, just the app!

So lets talk about some pros and cons of the e-reader, starting with the cons. So when I first got an e-reader, I was worried that I wouldn’t want to use it that much, because there is a big difference when holding an electronic device to read versus holding the book in your hands with the smell of the fresh-cut pages, age, or aroma that surrounds a familiar place where the book lives. This actually isn’t so bad because flipping the pages on the Kindle is as easy as swiping your finger across the screen. Alas, there are location numbers in place of page numbers (at least on older Kindles) and makes it so you can see the percentage of the book you have completed, but you can’t do that countdown of how many pages you have left. The other disadvantage is it needs to be charged, whereas a regular book won’t lose battery. This can be inconvenient if you forget to charge it before a long trip or some such thing.

Now, the Kindle actually has a lot more pros than cons. First of all is book prices. Generally, the prices of Kindle books are a lot less than the books at the store (and apparently Nook books are all full price, bummer!) This is because it is digital, and also reaching an ever-growing audience. One day, traditional publishing might go out in favor of e-readers, but hopefully that won’t happen! For example, I was able to get Me and Earl and the Dying Girl for something like $3.50 and I was able to get The Eye of Minds for $1.99. These are major titles for a great deal!

Buying titles on the Kindle leads to saving space on the shelves. I am a book junkie and have over three thousand books in a one bedroom apartment and there’s just no room for more! I have books in boxes in the closet, making room for the books I keep buying! But if I tell myself I don’t have space, even though there is a book I want, I will check the price and compare on the Kindle. The Kindle is a space saver.

Space saving is also important if you travel a lot. I used my Kindle in college and was able to get a lot of the books for free! (Being a literature major, I had to read a lot of the classics, which I was able to get on my Kindle for no cost!) This not only lightened my book load to take to school, but it also ensured space in my luggage when I did study abroad. All my books were on my Kindle, leaving lots of space in my luggage for–you guessed it–more books!

Another advantage is the text color, size, and backlighting. There are three options for background and text color, which allows the option to be changed for any lighting situation, and the text size is adjustable to your needs. If you like tiny print or extra large print, the option is there.

Lets not forget the Kindle can go on the internet.

It has great organization. There is a newsstand for you magazines and newspapers: yes, you can get your paper subscription digitally! The books can be organized by title, author, or most recently read, depending on your preference. The storage space is amazing. I have at least 500 books on the thing with space for more.

The Amazon Kindle is a wonderful device! If you are thinking about an e-reader but aren’t sure if you should get one, I highly suggest asking a friend to borrow theirs for the Kindle experience (NOT the Nook). I absolutely love my Kindle and recommend one for any book reader. You don’t have to stop buying traditional books! All my favorites are sitting on my bookshelves, but if I start a new series, I will get it on my Kindle. It’s cheaper, saves space, and OH I forgot to mention, it’s a wonderful device if you like to go out to eat and read. You don’t have to hold it when you are eating if you get the kind of case that turns into a stand. I LOVE MY KINDLE!


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