Legend-Should You Read It?

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian

Rating: 4.5/5

I first found interest in this book when I saw its graphic novel counterpart in the bookstore (see image at the bottom of the page). Sure, I had seen the novels of Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy many times, but for some reason they never sounded interesting enough. Flipping through the novel, the art was fantastic and the story looked epic, so I picked up a copy of both the novel and the graphic novel (which I read two times in a row, if that tells you anything about it).

Legend is a very interesting and fresh novel in a future American society that consists of the Republic of America and the Colonies (think west coast United States now breaking off from the southern states in a political way that does, in fact, seem real today). While both sides have their unique forms of government, Legend follows the notorious Day, a wanted, rebellious figure in the Republic, and June, the only prodigy to score 1500/1500 on her trials. The trials are how people in the Republic get their jobs, but those who fail their trials are sent to camps. Little do the citizens know that there are no camps, as Day has experienced first-hand. Instead of failing his trial, like he thought, his real score of 1500/1500 was hidden so that his unique mind and body could be tested. Awaking in a room of corpses, Day escapes and makes it his duty to bring the fall of the republic so that no more children are sent to their deaths for failing their trial.

June, on the other hand, suspects day of murdering her brother, Metias. When June digs deeper into her brother’s death and deeper into Day’s mind, she begins to question the honesty of the Republic government that she is so devoted to.

This book is a young adult novel with a lot of action, rebellion, and romance, among other things. The book is very exciting and fast paced. Day’s chapters are written in gold text, matching the gold of the cover, making the physical copy of the book rather unique over a digital format. The reason why this novel got .5 knocked off for its rating is because of the writing style. It is a very well-written novel, and it hardly ever says “I said,” “he said,” or “she said,” because usually it is apparent who is speaking, but sometimes it is a bit unclear and the reader needs to go back and reread the text to clarify.

This is one of the most exciting novels I have read lately, and I would HIGHLY recommend that YES you should read this book, no matter your age or gender.

Below is the cover of the graphic novel adaptation, which I would also highly recommend reading. The art is beautiful, but because it is an adaptation, it is missing a few big elements that the novel contains, so I would suggest reading the novel before the graphic novel, so that you can fill in the gaps.


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