Star Wars: The Last Command-YOU SHOULD READ IT

Genre: Science Fiction

Rating: 5/5

In honor of the 39 year anniversary of the release of Star Wars: A New Hope in 1977, I intentionally published this blog on May 25, 2016 (the real Star Wars anniversary, over May the Fourth.)

This third book in the Thrawn trilogy finishes another chapter of the Star Wars saga with beautiful execution. My review for the first book, Heir to the Empire, can be found here, and the review for book two, Dark Force Rising, can be found here.

Obviously from the title of this review, this is a book you SHOULD read, (along with the previous novels, of course). Things are coming down to the wire with Thrawn looming over the New Republic and having clones spew out an an excelling rate. To get the New Republic from being able to take part in any further battles, Thrawn has cloaked some 288 or so asteroids and left them to orbit around Coruscant, meaning the planet cannot lower its shield to let anyone in or out or they risk their planted being destroyed by the asteroids. Special teams go out to destroy the asteroids, hoping to finish fast enough to rejoin the war.

In the meantime, Mara Jade, suspected for trying to potentially harm Leia’s newborn twins, Jacen and Jaina, is on lock-down. But Leia knows it wasn’t her and Mara tips off that she knows where Wayland is, the planet housing the Empire’s cloning devices. Before the asteroids are placed into orbit around the planet, Luke helps Mara escape, and together they join up with Lando, Han, Chewbacca, Artoo, and Threepio to go destroy the cloning devices.

On Coruscant, being trapped and unable to do much else, Leia looks for Delta Source, the lead leak that gives Thrawn all the information in the palace.Upon finding Delta Source, Leia is then able to safely relay the New Republic’s plans to her council.

At Mount Tantiss, on Wayland, the team encounters the native inhabitants and, with the aid of the Noghri, seek peace and passage to destroy the cloning devise. Inside, C’baoth awaits Luke and Mara for a final showdown. Luke faces a clone of himself, clones from the hand he lost in Cloud City. Of course there is eight pages left in the book and both C’baoth and Thrawn are still alive. Things spiral downward for them very quickly, Thrawn’s death coming from a somewhat unsuspected source, C’baoth’s from the hand of the two future Jedi Knights.

Many years ago, a comic book adaptation was created to go along with the Thrawn trilogy. Of course, now that Disney owns Star Wars, this is no longer canon and these comics are no longer published (and actually haven’t been for a long time). Some of these can be purchased on the kindle, but if you are lucky, like I was, you might just fine the whole three novel comic compilation for a great price at a used bookstore. These comics are otherwise worth hundreds of dollars, depending on the individual issues or the full graphic novel sets.

The next Star Wars book I will probably be reading is Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn, because from what I understand, it has some important backstory to Survivor’s Quest. Also, the Hand of Thrawn duology will be read in the read future.


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