Princess Jellyfish (Vol. 1)-Should You Read It?

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Manga

Rating: 4.5/5

I must say, I absolutely loved the anime, but like many animes, it was produced faster than the writer could finish the manga, and was seemingly cut off a bit short. Excitingly enough, the manga has finally been serialized in the United States by Kodansha Comics, and it is absolutely amazing!

Please, do not judge this by the title. Princess Jellyfish is about a group of five otaku girls all living in an apartment building called Amamizukan. Lets not forget, they are all NEETS (not employed, experienced, or trained) which means they still feed off of allowance, even though most of them are college age. But even otaku girls have dreams of being a princess, right?

Tsukimi is the main character, her interest being jellyfish. Cheiko is into old Japanese dolls and kimonos, Mayaya absolutely loves the Records of the Three Kingdoms, Banba is obsessed with trains, and Jiji absolutely loves old men. Being otaku, these girls are, well, not the most attractive bunch. When Kuranosuke-what these Amars girls call a stylish-helps out Tsukimi with obtaining an ill-treated jellyfish from a pet store, Kuranosuke ends up finding that helping these girls fight with style is his newest goal. Yes, “his.” Kuranosuke is the son of a great political family, but he has always loved his mothers dresses, and despite being straight, he loves dressing as a girl and giving girls advice on style and make-up!

But these otaku women are absolutely against men and stylish people, so Kuranosuke must hide his gender from everyone except Tsukimi, who found out Kuranosuke was a guy after he decided to spend the night on her floor.

When Amamizukan is threatened to be demolished, Kuranosuke brings out the stylish side of these otaku girls to fight against the buyers, to fight nad buy the apartments for themselves!

What Kuranosuke doesn’t expect is his attraction to Tsukimi, even to the “before” Tsukimi that isn’t made up and beautiful, but when she meets his brother, Shu, many new emotions occur for all three of them.

All of that is just the first volume of Princess Jellyfish, and I must say, it is well worth the read! I am so excited about its American release. While the original Japanese serialization is in 20 volumes, Kodansha has combined two volumes together per book, making the American releases 2-in-1 for a total of 10 volumes to be released. This is one of the most fantastic comedies out there, and I would highly recommend the anime for a taste of these otaku girls, and then follow up with the manga, which by volume 2 is already expanding on the story outside of the anime.


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