Champion (Legend Book 3)-Should You Read It?

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Genre: Young Adult Dystopian

Rating: 4/5

This novel is the third book in the Legend Trilogy, and it is almost as good as Legend and Prodigy, but it has a few instances of lack or dissatisfaction. Also, I would recommend not reading much or any of this review if you have not read the first two novels, because I will be talking about how the previous novel ended and how that affects the path of the third novel.

Before getting into some of the story content, let’s talk about the physicality of the book. Like the first two novels, this novel has colored lettering for Day’s chapters. Book three revolves around the color red (while books one and two were gold and blue lettering). This is a very patriotic choice that really adds to the dystopian view of what our United States could one day be. Another interesting attribute to the novel is the red map on the inside cover (below). While Prodigy had a blue map, it only depicted what global warming did to the United States. Book three brings other nations into the fray and shows a global map of the land mass that still remains after the rising sea level.

Champion gets a bit of a lower rating than is previous novels for a few reason. First of all, the reader is excited to see how this story ends, but the book feels slower, and the events seem to stack in a way that makes the climax rather anticlimactic. the pacing of the last few chapters seems to be rushed through, and could have been expanded on to give the reader a better feeling of the passage of time.

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Prodigy left us with the separation of Day and June. Day has tried to distance himself from June because he learns that the experiments the Republic did on him in the past have started deteriorating his hippocampus,  causing massive headaches that will eventually kill him once that part of the brain was too ruptured.  With this knowledge, Day does whatever he can for the Republic with the time he has left, but the Colonies are invading and will not cease an attack until a cure is found for the mutated plague that has stricken its people.

Day gives up Eden for the plague cure, but he is not patient zero. Someone else was intentionally infected and sent into the colonies, although it was unknown to anyone, and now the Republic must find that person. While Day fights for the Republic, Anden and June seek aid from Antarctica, who will only aide the Republic, once again, if a cure is found first. With Africa’s army backing the colonies, victory for the republic is slim.

The overall fight between the two countries is rather boring and anticlimactic, but the ending is fast. Like I said before, maybe a bit too fast. Day and June have their final moments, but those moments are dragged over an expanse of years where the reader gets very little information on either character during those years. A few of the questions some readers have had were answered (such as Does June end up with Anden or Day?), but while those questions were answered, too much was left blank. Lu could have added a bit more in the lives of the characters in the last ten years of the novel.

Overall, it’s still a book series I wish I had discovered sooner, but I’m glad I discovered it nonetheless!  Despite its minor faults, YES you should read this book. It is one of those book series’ that deserves to be owned and read many, many times.

Marie Lu has a newer series called The Young Elites. While I debated over and over again about whether or not I should give it a chance (because my expectations are extremely high after reading Legend), I finally decided I will give it a chance within the next few months, so look forward to a review of her other work as well!


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