Star Wars: Shattered Empire-Should You Read It?

Genre: Science-Fiction/Graphic Novel

Rating: 4/5

This is a comic book series of four issues that expands upon the “Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” a line of new canon that leads into the characters and events of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (trying to make it’s own new extended universe canon and ignoring a large part of the original canon).

This four issue series, Shattered Empire, features Lieutenant Bey and Sergeant Dameron. Now there’s a name we recognize! This series of comics opens with the downfall of Vader and Palpatine following the events of the Battle of Endor. While the Emperor has died, his spirit lives on in the form of a messenger, telling the Empire to continue to assault other planets, one of which is Naboo. Lieutenant Bey is asked to escort Leia to Naboo for a diplomatic mission, and later escorts Luke to save some of the trees from the original Jedi temple.

All Lieutenant Bey really wants, though, is to leave the military life and enjoy peace with her husband and son, Poe. Luke gifts one of the two Jedi trees to Lieutenant Bey and she is able to begin a new life of peace with the planting of the tree.

I was a bit skeptical about reading anything from the whole “Journey to” canon, but the art in Shattered Empire caught my eye. While the art is masterful, the story was a bit slow at first. Once the reader finds out that this is about Poe’s parents, the story picks up a bit more. The x-wing dog fights aren’t as exciting as on the screen, but the story aside from that is pretty interesting. It was refreshing to get this back story of a side character who has made a large impression in the new universe canon, so yes, I would suggest that this book is worth the read, if only for that unique little smidgen of the past.

The full graphic novel compilation-by Marvel-also contains a sample from the new “journey to” canon story Princess Leia, as well as a sample of the Episode IV comic adaptation (in which the art is not as beautiful as Shattered Empire). So instead of hunting down the individual issues, I would suggest just getting the full graphic novel which has a list price of $16.99.



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