Glass Sword-Should You Read It?

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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Rating: 4/5

Glass Sword is the second novel in a new young adult fantasy series by Victoria Aveyard. The first book is Red Queen, and there are two in-between novellas called Steel Scars and Queen Song that I would highly recommend reading BEFORE the second book.

On the run from the new king, Maven, Mare, Cal, Farley, and Shade set out to find the other newbloods. When Mare and Cal end up with the commander of the Scarlet Guard, Farley’s father, neither are treated with a warm welcome. Mare proposes the special list of newbloods to the commander, but he doesn’t want those kind of people around. The newbloods are being treated by the reds as if they were Silvers, but they are not. They are Reds with Silver abilities, making them stronger than both.

With the list Julian gave Mare of all the known newbloods, Mare and Cal escape the Scarlet Guard base, Shade and Farley in tow, to seek out these newbloods before Maven finds and kills them. What exactly Mare thinks the newbloods will do for the fight in Norta isn’t exactly in her thoughts yet. All she knows is that she must reach them first. Many newbloods are found and join Mare and her fight against Maven, but some she is too late to save.

All the while, Mare battles with herself against feelings for Cal. He is there for her…for now. But that could easily change. Her long-time friend Kilorn does not like how close she has become to Cal, still untrusting of the Silver. But Kilorn also has feelings for Mare that just cannot be returned.

When word comes around that Julian may still be alive, Mare makes it her duty to go in and save him from a prison that the newblood, Cameron, has escaped from. Not only is Julian there, but a whole slew of other newbloods and Silvers that Maven has imprisoned as enemies to the crown.

With a daring escape, a killing blow to the enemy, and a heavy loss of someone close to the heart, Mare and the Scarlet Guard aim to go save the children on the front-the Little Legion-from a suicide mission, even though saving them is suicide in itself. On the way there, an unexpected attack brings Mare down for the count and into the demand of the person she least wants to bow to.

Starting a bit slower than the first novel, I was kind of disappointed after hyping the novel up for myself. It took me quite a bit longer to sit down and read Glass Sword than it did Red Queen, and part of it is that Red Queen seemed to have more plot twists and more engaging character interactions than Glass Sword. Overall, it was still an enjoyable read that I would highly recommend, and I want to see what happens in the next one!

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Be sure to look for the third book in the series, King’s Cage, coming out February 2017!





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