Star Wars: A New Dawn-Should You Read It?

Image result for star wars a new dawn

Genre: Science-fiction

Rating: 4/5

If you are a Rebels fan, this is for you! In this novel we get to see how Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla meet and the events that lead up to their joining forces to oppose the Empire.

The novel opens up with Caleb Dume, Kanan’s name when he was a Jedi, enduring another Jedi lesson. He asks Kenobi about the beacon that calls Jedi to the temple on Coruscant, and if it can be used to warn Jedi away. This, of course, is a hint at the future events of the Jedi Purge.

The book then goes into the main plot, which takes place on the planet, Gorse, as well as its moon, Cynda. The planet and its moon are rich in an ore that the Empire needs to build ships: Thorilide. With production behind schedule, the Empire sends in Count Denetrius Vidian-once Lemuel Tharsa-an expert on mining business and one of the main antagonists of the novel.

Meanwhile, Kanan has found a job as a freight pilot, his co-pilot and landlord being Okadiah Garson. Gorse is their destination with their current cargo, and that is when they get mixed up with the Empire’s political intrusions of Gorse’s mining system for Thorilide. Kanan meets a local, Skelly, on the moon which he docks, clearance given by none other than Sloane. Not yet an admiral, Sloane is still young, and her encounters with Kanan have just begun.

Skelly, ambitious in trying to defer the Empire from mining on Cynda, plants a bomb to blow some of the shafts, a bomb that Kanan and Okadiah find and nearly meet their doom. Vidian and Sloane are furious, and Skelly becomes a wanted man.

Meanwhile, Hera has a contact on Cynda. She aims to meet up with Skelly, their goal one and the same. When they all meet at Okadiah’s cantina, a plan unfolds to take out Vidian.

During the second half of the novel, Kanan and crew learn of Vidian’s plan to blow up Cynda in order to get the Thorilide. Apparently, this is not what the Empire wants, and if the moon is blown up, a whole new slew of problems will arise. Taking the guise of an Imperial, Kanan confronts Sloane about Vidian’s plan, aiming to have Vidian taken down from within the Empire.

Soon enough, Kanan and Hera find out that they are quite the team (and are possibly attracted to each other)!

This novel was a fun edition to the new canon and a great backstory for Star Wars: Rebels. I would love to see more Kanan and Hera in the future of the canon.


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