WordPress in the English Classroom

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October 10th signifies my one year anniversary using WordPress.com! A lot has happened over the past year, and one thing that I have been progressing towards is being an English teacher. One of the things facing new English teachers is the use of technology in the English classroom.

Technology is becoming and ever-growing thing in the average high school classroom. WordPress is a fairly well-known website that allows writers to, well, write! But how effective is WordPress in the English Classroom?

WordPress in the Classroom is an article by Ben Fox that claims WordPress is actually a great thing for the classroom setting. There are many benefits to using WordPress in a classroom, such as its economic benefit, ability for privacy, and ability to access anyone anywhere, including staff, parents, and students.WordPress is an EXTREMELY ACCESSIBLE source. Educators and parents alike are ENDORSING this for use in the classroom.

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Anyone can learn how to make a WordPress website to use in the classroom, and it is very easy for students to access the content and post comments for discussion and interaction. The only thing that would infringe utilizing WordPress would be the lack of computers at school (which these days is pretty rare), and lack of computer or internet at home. Just remember, the public library is an amazing place!

What are some of the things you can do with this website in the English classroom?

You can make a class discussion where only students are invited and the website can be made private to the class only. It can also be used as a form of free writing to keep students from getting dragged sown by structure. Students can make their own blog and utilize it for a topic that they are interested in. It can be a quarter, semester, or even year long project, and grammar would not be a huge (if any) part of the final grade. In-class activities can also be adopted with WordPress, such as the activity I have listed below.

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What about parent concerns? Most teachers at back to school night will explain to the parents that some kind of blogging would be used in the classroom. Most parents do not seem to have a concern with it, and are even actually excited for their students to work on something that has meaning to them that they can use for the rest of their lives!

Check out this video by Chad Jones on how to utilize WordPress for your classroom as a blog or class site: Using WordPress for your Classroom Blog!


This is a small portion of a short story that I wrote. I will not give the title of the story, and the entire thing it not accessible to the public at present. This portion is meant to be a creative writing activity.

  • Read the story below
  • Continue the story (Who are these people, what happens next, why does it matter, and how does it end?)
  • After 2 minutes, switch seats with someone and continue from what they wrote. Switch one more time and make sure person number three brings the story to a conclusion.

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Not many cars are on the street at this hour as I make my way home through all the empty intersections, all the green lights. Hands at two and ten, the buzz of my cell phone catches my attention. Passing through another green light. I scoop up my phone, flip it open, and check out just who would be texting me this early in the morning. It’s Maggie!

hey, sup Jared?

My wrists maneuver the steering wheel as I text her back, eyes darting back and forth between the phone screen and the road.

nm, driving. y didnt u go 2 the party?

My left hand stays firm at ten as my right clutches the cell phone, waiting for the vibration of Maggie’s reply.

didnt feel like it. i actually txted cuz I have a question 4 u.

My fingers dance along the keypad.

wut is it?

Nineteenth Street rolls on by, empty businesses looming like ghost towns, and dark parking lots stare back as my vehicle passes.

well i wuz wondering….actually…nvm

its ok, tell me

It feels like forever as I wait for her response.

Will you be my date for prom?


16 thoughts on “WordPress in the English Classroom

  1. “Son, can you hear me?”
    I opened my eyes, my vision foggy. I couldn’t see anything, my vision was foggy.
    “where am i?” i ask absently.
    at your desk in spanish 103 Jared. “you fell asleep during lecture. and you stink of marijuana and cheetos. have some self-respect son.” Mr. Trujillo said disdainfully. “I’ll see you in detention.”


  2. I get t-boned as i pass an intersection running a read light. A hundred thoughts running in my head: “how am i supposed to tell my parents?”, and “what the hell happened?”


    I smell my flesh burning as my phone lights up one last time. Horror overtakes me.

    “Wow,” Maggie’s text reads. “You could just say you don’t wanna go with me *eyeroll emoji*”


  3. Before I answer, can I ask you a question?

    Yes, what is it ?


    The next thing I remember is waking up at the hospital. I see a vaguely female figure sitting next to me,

    “Maggie?” I ask, groggily.

    “Jared, honey, who’s Maggie?” The worried voices asks.


  4. I write “No wa Maggie, Prom is lame” and I drive past 20th street to the docks. Iput my car in ultra fast gar and drive at hyper speed over the water landing in a car belly flop but with enough air time to activate sub mode. I turn on my space screen and start trveling to the portal range for uplift.

    I feel my phone contiue to vibrate as I am thrusted out of the atmosphere. “Who needs prom when you have a gang of interplanetary thugs holding the true love of your life Princess Macadamia?” My phone transforms as my space car enters the new atmosphere native to my home planet.

    “I’m home Macadamia. And I’m coming for you. This is I promise that I will not break.”


  5. Boy: I have never asked anyone to a dance, let alone had anyone ask me to the dance. And here it is, the moment i have been waiting for and i don’t know what to say. maybe this is why i never get asked anywhere.
    Girl: I hope he say yes!! I wondering why he hasn’t responded yet He probably doesn’t even want to go!

    Boy:Yes I will go with you!


  6. My heart is in my throat and my stomach is in my shoes. Finally! Maggie Meyers officially feels the same way about me! After a second of inward celebration a look down at my phone when i hear a distant honk, then a closer one, then, the sound of cracking twisting metal. Maggie quickly disappears from my thoughts. I don’t quite know my thoughts, am I even thinking? What’s that searing warmth in my side? Someone is screaming in my ear, I am staring at their feet. Why do they sound so far away?


  7. As I was about to reply, when all of a sudden I hear a beep. I”m distracted for a moment thinking it was another person texting but I realize it was my hidden dash screen popping up. I activate the forward button and Rolf the Wolf King begins to talk. He talls me about the tribes in his region reaching a heightened point and i think I”m going to have to help. AMber


  8. I stare at the screen, **BOOM!!** a moment too long. My perspective of the looming ghost like buildings is vastly different. It is more hallowed, gray even. It’s like I took a trip to Disneyland but was walking along the outstretched paths of Disneyworld: something was wrong.
    I must be dead. Dammit Maggie. I wanted to be alive for prom. Now I’m just a pathetic statistic. No regrets though.

    -Adam and Kylle


  9. “Sorry, Maggie. I shouldn’t be texting and driving, but I have to tell you I cannot accompany you to prom. I’m too distracted by the fact that Donald Trump is attempting to undermine American democracy by telling everyone the system is rigged, softening the blow of a his inevitable loss but ensuring voter intimidation at the polls and perhaps decades of political friction between the alt right and the rest of this country. I’m sure you understand.”

    Her: dude what the hell are you talking about?! Im asking you to prom not a debate.

    Thats the problem the debate is the important thing right now…Sorry find some other loser who does not care about the state of our nation to participate in this pathetic excuse for a distraction from reality.


  10. I get so excited that I jump a bit and my phone slides from my thigh to the bottom of the seat by the pedals. “Damn it! Yes! Yes! A Thousand times yes!”

    My eyes move back and forth from the windshileld to my feet. “Should I get it? Yea, screw it.”
    I reach down to grab my phone.

    Aha! Got it!

    As soon as I get my phone to my ear and eyes on the road, I see her. It’s Maggie.

    My brakes compete to screech as loud as she does. Without time to react, I hit her.

    The sudden impact throws her fifty feet behind my car. Frantically, I rush over to her in my daze.

    Yes, a thousand times, yes…


  11. Eminem’s song lyrics come on at this exact moment, and they couldn’t be more true.My knees became weak, my arms are heavy, I started to vomit on my cashmere sweater, it happened to be mom’s spaghetti. I was nervous, but calm and ready to respond appropriately. If you had one shot would you take it?
    Yes! ‘ll be your rabbit!


  12. “Your date? I really want to take my boyfriend.”

    “No, take me.”

    “I would but I already bought my dress and both of us are already matching…” Jared answer.

    There was a moment of silence.

    One hour passed by and noo return from her. As Jared was driving, he saw a jack in the box and decided to get some sourdough jack burger.


  13. Girl…what are you talking about? I thought you knew well….nvm. Maybe we should talk later.

    Her: Wait what ?!

    Him: Its just ..

    Her: what?


    Him: It’s nothing really … I just …

    Her: It’s not that hard to say no, why are you making this harder on me. Just say you do’t want me to be your date ….

    Him: It is not that. I like you. But …

    Her: but what Jared



  14. BOOM!

    Right as my heart was about to leap out of my chest with joy, the sudden impact I my car feels jolts my heart in my up to my throat instead.
    Literally, the impact sends my heart into my throat. My phone flies from my hand as I begin to choke. My body is sent through the windshield of the car, because of course I wasn’t wearing a seat belt, and I crash head long into the class. Blood pours from cuts as I lay in the remnants of the wind shield, the sound of screeching tires piercing my dying ears. The letters N. O. glow on the screen weakly as my finger mistakenly hits the send button.


  15. “Sorry I cannot. I must complete a project for my English technology class. When you go, can you please take some pics and videos for me so I can use it for my project” Jared answer.

    She fell silent…

    “Come on, why not? Ditch the class and come with me instead”

    Maggie: “I’m going to think about it because i want a good grade in the class.”

    Jared: “I guess, so what are you doing tonight?”


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