Star Wars Highlight: Comics (Part 6)

There are many, many comics in the world of Star Wars. The ones I have here vary in era, art, publication date, publisher, and style, but they are all interesting releases both to the old Expanded Universe as well as the new canon. They are listed in order based on the Battle of Yavin. Just remember, this is a highlight on a small fraction of a larger whole.

Image result for jango fett and zam wesell

Jango Fett and Zam Wesell (27-22 BBY)

Publisher: Dark Horse (Consecutive One-shots)

Writer: Ron Marz

Artist(s): Tom Fowler, Dan Jackson, Digital Chameleon

Jango Fett and Zam Wesell are two different stories that follow each other. The above photo is an image of the 30th anniversary hardcover release that has both of the comics in it. This is a beautiful edition and I highly recommend snagging this version.

Jango Fett gives the reader a glimpse into the life of a bounty hunter. Jango Fett does whatever he needs to do for his money and for his young son, Boba. Jango accepts a hunt for a special, rare artifact. It turns out that Jango wasn’t the only bounty hunter sent on the job. Shape-shifting Zam Wesell aims to fight Jango for the artifact.

Zam Wesell takes place a few years after the events of Jango Fett. In this graphic novel, Jango and Zam find out that the artifact that they had stolen was actually a Force utilizing icon that could potentially destroy a planet from within. Now Jango and Zam seek to stop the destruction of Coruscant while the Jedi council attempts its own infiltration. The Jedi that makes it to the planet core is able to remove the Force from the artifact before dying, and no one knows who else aided the Jedi.

I am not a bounty hunter fan by any means, but it was nice to see the relationships of Jango and Boba as well as Jango and Zam. The art is wonderful and the combat scenes have a really nice flow to them. The hardcover collection is also a beautiful edition to any Star Wars fan bookshelf.

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The Clone Wars Volume 2: Victories and Sacrifices (22 BBY)

Publisher: Dark Horse (4 Issues)

Writer: Haden Blackman, John Ostrander

Artist(s): Multiple contributors over various issues.

This graphic novel contains issues 51-53 of Star Wars: Republic and the special Star Wars: Jedi-Shaak Ti, which I already reviewed as an individual piece. This graphic novel features the sections, “The New Face of War,” “Blast Radius,” and the aforementioned Shaak Ti story, which is actually subtitled “Catspaw.”

“The New Face of War” drops the Jedi onto a moon that Gungans were colonizing, only to find that the Gungans were all brutally murdered. Brutally meaning they were burned and melted with an acidic substance by Ventress and one of her accomplices. Obi-wan, Anakin, and the other Jedi fight to try and eliminate these powerful foes that keep causing problems during the Clone Wars.

“Blast Radius” is a side story about four very unique Jedi sent out to retrieve the antidote for the acidic substance that appeared in “The New Face of War.” With the antidote, Obi-Wan can heal his burns, and other survivors from the assault. Of course, our Jedi once again encountered Ventress and her accomplice, proving to be an extreme obstacle in the Clone Wars.

This graphic novel has stories that aren’t quite as interesting as some of the other Clone Wars tales. The art is varied, but it’s fairly decent; not as nice as some of the new canon art, but still pretty appealing!


Image result for star wars lando comic

Star Wars: Lando (0 BBY?)

Publisher: Marvel (5 Issues)

Writer: Charles Soule

Artist(s): Alex Maleev, Leinil Francis Yu

The time setting of this graphic novel is a bit hard to place exactly, but we know that it is before Lando joins the rebellion. I was actually a bit wary about reading/purchasing this one because Lando isn’t really one of my favorite characters and I thought this one might be a bit more boring than the others. WRONG! This graphic novel was pretty interesting. It added some elements that really get the reader questioning the universe of Star Wars. Lando, working with his friend Lobot to make some quick money, accepts a job to steal a certain ship. The buyer wants the ship only; the contents are up for grabs for Lando, Lobot, and Sava Korin, a specialist on Jedi and Sith artifacts. When they steal the ship, little did they know it belongs to Emperor Palpatine. What could he be hiding on his ship to have the thieves, and possibly even the ship, sought and destroyed? It turns out there is a number of Sith artifacts aboard the ship, which influences Lando’s panther-like guards, making them evil.

This graphic novel was interesting in the respect that we get a glimpse of the Sith and Palpatine’s ownership of some artifacts, being a Sith Lord. Of course, Lando doesn’t really know why he would have those things. The art and story are pretty good, but they aren’t quite as good as the new Star Wars and Darth Vader graphic novels. Still worth the read, though!



Darth Vader: The Shu-Torun War (0 ABY)

Publisher: Marvel (4 Issues)

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist(s): Salvador Larroca, Edgar Delgado

This is the third volume in the Darth Vader series and contains Annual #1 and issues 16-19 of the series. While the previous volumes deal with Vader and his search for Luke, Luke is completely absent for this. This story revolves around the planet Shu-Torun, in which Vader makes sure the new queen abides by Empire rules. If Shu-Torun does not obey, it will end up being another Alderaan. Many of the people do not want to follow under their new queen, but they do not seem to understand what she does when it comes to the fate of their planet. Meanwhile, Vader still has to deal with some of those who are meant to possible replace him, but of course, he won’t let that happen. Behind the scenes, while Vader is involved in this planetary war, he has bounty hunters out looking for Aphra, but the man who finds her is not who Vader was expecting.

While the art is phenomenal, the story is not quite as good as the previous two volumes and Vader Down. It is definitely still worth the read, and the ending has me ready and waiting for the next issue/volume.


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