The Infinite Sea (The 5th Wave #2)-Should You Read It?

BN-DP506_infini_DV_20140709011350.jpg (262×394)

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction (Apocalyptic/Dystopian)

Rating: 4/5

This is the second novel in Yancey’s The 5th Wave trilogy. While the first novel focused a lot on Cassie and Ben, this novel gives the reader a lot of Ringer’s perspective. Unlike the first novel, this one took me a bit longer to read and was not as interesting as the initial set-up to the series.

After escaping from the base, Cassie and Squad 53 find themselves waiting at a hotel for Evan Walker to show up, if he survived. While at the hotel, the group aims to make some kind of plan for the winter, or they won’t survive. The plan ends up being that the group should head for the caverns in the north where they have the greatest chance of survival being protected from both the weather and potential Silencers. Ringer offers to go seek out the caverns and test their safety alone, but Teacup follows, bringing both of them to be exposed to the Others.

Meanwhile, Evan has found a fellow Silencer, Grace. If he does not destroy Grace, Grace will destroy Cassie, and he cannot let that happen. When Evan appears at the hotel, he tells everyone they need to leave for their own safety. When a random girl shows up after the sound of helicopters flying overhead, it is learned that the enemy has turned her into a child bomb.

Evan explains that Grace’s house is going to get a pod from the mothership that can take someone up to destroy it, and thus they should head there. The house also has enough supplies to last through the winter.

The largest chunk of the novel is told from Ringer’s perspective. She is captured by the enemy and given the “12th system,” like the systems in the body. With these nanobots creating her 12th system, she is fast, strong, and intelligent, making her human, but not. We learn a lot of interesting things about the Others in this section and the questions that arise have the reader feeling like the characters: whose words can we trust and what is the truth?

While this novel had a lot less exciting things going on, it was still fairly interesting. We get to see some characters that peaked the interest of the reader from the first novel, and we get introduced to the concept of nanobots rather than the previous novel’s claim of the Others being pure consciousness, making the novel kind of confusing and less scientifically interesting. Overall, I would still recommend reading this book just to see where the buildup of the first novel was headed.



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