Should You Read It?-Honorable Mentions Part 5

Rave Master by Hiro Mashima

Genre: Adveture/Manga

Rating: 4/5

Mashima’s debut manga is about a young boy from a rural island, Haru. When Haru encounters a strange dog/bug creature, he learns that he is destined to be the next Rave Master. Haru makes many friends along the way, including the metal man Musica and the mysterious Elle,whose memories of the past do not exist. Along the way, Haru and friends must defeat the evil organization, Demon Card, to help save the world from their stones called Dark Brings. As you reach the last 7 or 10 volumes, the story gets very interesting involving the flow of time!

Being a debut novel, the art is all right, but progressively gets better as the story moves forward. This is the same person who made the Fairy Tail manga, so if you like Fairy Tail, I would recommend checking out Rave Master (although Fairy Tail is better!)


Bloodthirsty by Flynn Meaney

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Rating: 4/5

Image result for bloodthirsty book

No, this is not another crappy, overrated, young adult paranormal romance! This book was actually very fun and quirky and I would highly recommend it for both those who do read the young adult vampire books, and those who don’t.

This story is about Finbar Frame, skinny, nonathletic, and gets hives when his skin is exposed to the sun for too long. His twin brother, Luke, is quite the opposite, the hot, buff, sporty type who gets all the girls. When Finbar and his family move to New York, he notices that all the girls are reading vampire books. He also notices that the brooding, skinny, pale guys on the front are actually attractive to those girls! Thus, Finbar has the brilliant idea to pretend he is a vampire to get girls. When a girl likes him for who he is, not having heard the rumors of him being a vampire, Finbar second-guesses his scheme. Will he be able to play out the lie, or will it suck him dry?


Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Rating: 4/5

Image result for mermaid carolyn turgeon
At first this book was kind of meh, but as it progressed it was pretty interesting. It has some obvious elements that reflect the original story by Hans Christian Anderson, such as turning into foam and feeling like she is walking on daggers.
So you have the mermaid, Lenia, who sees men dying in a storm and she saves one of them and claims to love him from the start. She takes him to shore and signals to a girl, Margarethe, to come save the man. No one know that this man is the Prince of the South and that Margarethe is the Princess of the North when they show love for each other where the princess is hiding in a convent. Of course, the mermaid finds a way to grow legs and makes her way to the prince. She also gets pregnant as his mistress. When Margarethe heads to the South for a marriage alliance, the prince is mad that she didn’t say who she was at the convent. Who will ultimate win the prince’s love?
This book was interesting for young adults and keeps some important things from the classic. It also has some more adult-issue twists, like the pregnancy, which was unexpected in a story like that. Overall it was an enjoyable twist on a classic we are all familiar with.

In Odd We Trust by Dean Koontz and Queenie Chan

Genre: Manga/Mystery

Rating: 3.5/5


Image result for in odd ew trust

Dean Koontz is a mystery writer and one of his series is called Odd Thomas, featuring a boy named Odd who can see ghosts. This is the graphic novel addition to the series which is actually more like a prequel. Odd is 19 and still spending his time as a fry cook in Pico Mundo, and has not ventured on in the world yet. When a child is murdered on the watch of Stormie’s friend, Od sets out to find justice so that the child’s spirit may move on. Little did they expect that Stormie’s friend was the real target all along!

This was a pretty fun graphic novel adding yet another adventure to Odd’s life. The art is okay, but the plot is lacking. We learn early on who the murderer is, and there is no suspense there. They encounter him and just let him get away. Also, it was evident and even discussed that Stormie’s friend was the target, but the focus is on the children she works with since a child had previously been murdered under her watch. the victim is obvious. Despite these weaker plot points and no real buildup, it was fun to see Odd Thomas in a visual adaptation (besides the movie).


Life Before Legend by Marie Lu

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian

Rating: 4/5

Image result for life before legend

This is a short novella with events prior to those in Legend. It features two short stories from the perspectives of Day and June when they were twelve years old. Day’s story highlights his first kiss that he had mentioned to June in the novels. His first kiss is with an older girl, a food merchants daughter. Then he gets a bit caught up in some Republic quotia affairs. June’s story is actually more interesting. It shows her first day as a twelve-year-old at Drake University, where everyone else is nearly three or four years older than her. She is picked on and stands up for herself, humiliating another student without laying a hand on him due to her agility.

This is available as a digital version only, and it’s cheap, like $2 or $3. I would say it is worth the few dollars to get these fun little background stories, especially if you really enjoyed Legend. I would recommend reading the series first, but it isn’t necessary.


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