Star Wars: Red Harvest-Should You Read It?

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Genre: Science-fiction

Rating: 4/5

Written in 2010, Red Harvest is a prequel to Death Troopers, which was published the previous year. This novel takes place 3645 years BBY, placing it in a time when Sith acolytes still attended academies and the Old Republic was a very different place. If you are interested in reading the books in chronological order based on the Battle of Yavin, you would want to read this one after The Old Republic: Deceived and before The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance. Of course, that is not necessary, just make sure you have some idea of Sith space during this time period, or things could be confusing. My personal recommendation would be to read Death Troopers, anytime you like, and then follow up with Red Harvest.

In Red Harvest we learn the origins of the plague featured in Death Troopers. The Sith Lord, Darth Scabrous, seeks to create eternal life. When a Whipid bounty hunter brings the Sith Lord Padawan Hestizo Trace, along with the rare Murakami orchid, Darth Scabrous has the last ingredient to make his attempt.

On a side not, the Murakami orchid and the most Force sensitive of plant life and can communicate with other Force users. Hestizo has been communicating with and studying the orchid, and she knows what it is feeling. In the meantime, her brother, Jedi Rojo Trace learns of her abduction and heads to Faustin to save her.

Darth Scabrous has no care for life other than his own. He uses the orchid on one of the academy’s own Sith acolytes, Wim Nickter. When Nickter appears dead, Scabrous believes it to be another failure, but Nickter’s body reanimates itself and this begins the zombie-like plague.

Hestizo, her captor, and her brother find themselves in the middle of an undead epidemic. Eventually, Darth Scabrous finds a way to fuse the orchid with himself, making himself nearly immortal, until he completely zombifies from the orchid.

After a great fight and a great loss, Hestizo points out that the plague could travel to other places in the galaxy, and we all no where that headed…

This book was not as good as Death Troopers, but it was still vastly interesting. I would highly recommend reading it AFTER reading Death Troopers. It adds origin to a great story and gives us a glimpse of a past that we do not know as much about, shedding light on a few events during the Old Republic era.






One thought on “Star Wars: Red Harvest-Should You Read It?

  1. […] Overall this book was pretty interesting. It is a great way to learn about how Sith used to be (in comparison to the main story of Star Wars). It adds an interesting element to the history and focuses on a single Jedi fighting through that time. I would recommend reading it anytime, as long as you are a die-hard Star Wars fan. If you aren’t too interested in anyone except Luke, Han, and the gang, then skill this novel, along with the majority of Old Republic era books (although I would still recommend Red Harvest). […]


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