Star Wars: Knight Errant-Should You Read It?

latest (1257×2061)

Genre: Science-fiction

Rating: 4/5

This book takes place in the Old Republic times and is harder to grasp if you are not too familiar with how old Sith space works and how Sith ruled before the Rule of Two.

It’s 1032 BBY and Sith are still rampant in the space that is uncontrolled by the Republic. Jedi Knight Kerra Holt aims to destroy one of the Sith Lords: Daiman. Rather than destroying him, she finds it more important to save all the innocent people who fall helplessly under the battle between Daiman (who thinks he is the creator of the universe) and his Sith brother Odion.

Kerra forces all the refugees onto Rusher’s ship, someone who happened to be doing business in Sith space and was not expecting the huge number of refugees that Kerra has forced onto his ship. As they try to make their way out of Sith space, Rusher and Kerra, along with their ship of refugees, find themselves on a world ruled by Sith Brother and sister Dromika and Quillian.

Timing is unlucky when Arkadia, another Sith ruler, has come to Byllura to retrieve her Sith cousins that Kerra was going to remove from the planet! 

Arkadia seems different than other Sith. She treats Kerra more respectfully and shows her around Calimondretta, an ice city that seems very scholarly. While the citizens under Arkadia’s rule don’t seem enslaved, as they were under Daiman’s rule, Kerra notices that the citizens, who are assigned new jobs everyday, are unhappy. This leads Kerra to believe that perhaps Arkadia isn’t as nice as she seems.

When Arkadia invites Kerra to hide during one of her Sith meetings, Kerra learns that all the Sith she has encountered–Daiman, Odion, Quillan, Dromika, Arkadia, and the newly mentioned Vilia–are all related. And yet they all war with each other for who will take Vilia’s place in the future. After the meeting, Arkadia proposed that Kerra assassinate Vilia so that she may claim the Sith high seat. When Kerra denies, saying that is not the Jedi way, Arkadia has Kerra sentenced to death.

Of course, Kerra is rescued by an interesting Bothan who has been present throughout the novel, working for some Sith or another, but ultimately for Vilia.

Kerra may have saved many lives from the brutality of Sith space, but there are many more to save. While the Sith in Vilia’s domain learn to handle a single Jedi, Kerra continues to fight her way through Sith space, Rusher at her side.

Overall this book was pretty interesting. It is a great way to learn about how Sith used to be (in comparison to the main story of Star Wars). It adds an interesting element to the history and focuses on a single Jedi fighting through that time. I would recommend reading it anytime, as long as you are a die-hard Star Wars fan. If you aren’t too interested in anyone except Luke, Han, and the gang, then skill this novel, along with the majority of Old Republic era books (although I would still recommend Red Harvest).


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