The Rose Society (Young Elites #2)-Should You Read It?

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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Rating: 5/5

Just as fantastic as the first novel, The Young Elites, The Rose Society follows Adelina on her path of revenge. Her power continues to grow, and she forms her own society similar to the Dagger Society: the Rose Society, with her own powerful Young Elite followers.

Being cast aside from the Dagger Society for the murder of one of its members, Dante, and the unintentional murder of her prospective lover, prince Enzo, Adelina ventures on her own to find her own powerful Elites to form an army with her sister in tow. Her goal: bring down the Inquisition Axis that attempted to kill her on multiple fronts, the Inquisition that ruined life as she knew it. Teren Santoro is the Inquisition man that Adelina seeks revenge against, and ultimately, seeks to take the throne of Kenettra to reestablish peace between the Young Elites and other malfettos with the people who were unaffected by the plague.

Adelina and her sister set off in search of a powerful Young Elite of rumor: Magiano, an Elite who can mimic the powers of other Elites. When they finally find Magiano, he agrees to follow in her Rose Society if she can pass a test: steal the Night King’s diamond pin, a task that is meant to be impossible. When the sisters infiltrate one of the Night King’s parties using Adelina’s illusion abilities, they find that Maggiano is also present, ready for a show. When things do not quite go as planned, Adelina finds herself forced (and seems to take pleasure in) killing the Night King with her abilities and taking what she was there for in the first place.

Having proven herself a strong leader, many of the Night King’s followers have decided to follow Adelina and join her Rose Society, while others hunt her down for the murder of their master. On a ship heading back to Kenettra, Adelina meets Sergio, the rumored rain master who was banished from the Dagger Society previously for his inability to control his power. Adelina promises wealth from the Kenettran treasury for those who help her rise to power and take the throne.

Meanwhile, while Adelina plots to take the throne, Raffaele seeks Meave, a ruler from another country who can bring the dead back to life. Their idea is to bring prince Enzo back from the dead and basically use him as a puppet to control two thrones, rather than just one. Enzo may not be quite the same person after coming back from the other side.

When Adelina’s Rose Society and Raffaele’s Dagger Society clash, a fight for the throne of Kenettra ensues, and Young Elites face each other for power.

This book was just as amazing as the first. The thing that makes this series well worth the read is the unique power and revenge that Adelina seeks. She is a villain in the making, and yet we the reader seem to root for her. The series is full of action and unique characters, and the fight for power continues in an adventurous and iconic way that will be concluded in the third novel, The Midnight Star. Marie Lu is on my top five list of best young adult authors at present, and she is well worth looking into; so far I have been satiated to the utmost by all of the works I have read by her (Legend, Prodigy, Champion, The Young Elites, and The Rose Society) and I greatly look forward to anything she brings us in the future.


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