Frostblood-Should You Read It?

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Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Rating: 4.5/5

You may have come across this book at your local Barnes and Noble, Costco, or Target. With it being in all these places, being a debut novel by Canadian author Elly Blake, it makes you wonder, should you read it?

  • I tried to keep the following details of the novel relatively brief and non-spoilery, but I also wanted to give enough detail for the events throughout the novel to put forth the main idea and conflict as it unfolds in the novel as well.

The premise of the story is that there is a kingdom divided by blood. While there are regular humans, there are also Frostbloods, who can manipulate frost, and Firebloods, who can manipulate fire. The lore of the blood origins is interesting, and Frost and Fire were once allies, but no more.

Firebloods are being hunted in the kingdom, and despite her mother’s efforts, the Frost King has found Ruby and imprisoned her. When two Frostbloods come to set her free, she is wary about their reasoning, but only gets the response that they need her fire power for something, but they will not say what.

Going through rigorous training at an abbey in the mountains, elderly Brother Thistle and young Arcus attempt to train Ruby in hopes to destroy the Frost King’s throne of ice. The speculation is that the Frost King’s of past and present are being manipulated by a creature that possesses the throne of frost.

Before Ruby can help Brother Thistle and Arcus with their mission, she is captured by the same soldiers who initially raided her village and killed her mother. Ruby is now titles as one of the Frost King’s champions, to be used in a fighting arena against soldiers, beasts, and frost users in fights to the death. When she continues to win, the Frost King is sure he has found the one to partner with him and his throne.

This is a fast-paced book, one of the quickest I have read in quite some time, and it was fantastic! What prevents it from being a 5/5 on my score chart? Well, the plot was relatively predictable and slightly cliche in that SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS Arcus was the prince the whole time and the pacing of the romance was the usual guy-is-an-ass-but-they-fall-in-love story that we see all the time, it was still an AMAZING premise, especially for a debut novel. Out of all the debut novels I have read from various authors, this one is probably one of the most well-crafted and plot-driven books I have read.

I would highly suggest picking up this book, because it is well worth it, and Elly Blake deserves to be on your top 10 YA author list for sure!


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