Crewe Chase and the Pearl Defender (Crewe Chase #2)-Should You Read It?

34999076.jpg (297×475)

Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 4/5

Picking up right where Crewe Chase and the Jet Reapers left off, this book is much better than the first one! While the writing is simple and there are still a number of written redundancies that the reader does not need, the plot pick up, and the book had a leading promise for the adventures (and battles?) that await Crewe in the future.

In this second installment, we know Crewe has been admitted to the Jet Reapers, and that Cheyenne wants him out, but we do not know why.

Crewe gets his personal training from his favorite teacher at the castle, Professor Abernathy, who gruel’s Crewe down with physical force to help him become stronger. When Crewe finally sees that Abernathy has his best interests in mind, despite her treatment of him, he finally grows as a character.

Fans of the gravedigger scorpion, Rockcave, will not be dissapointed by this second book. One of the main subplots involves Crewe finding a way to create a portal on his own so that he may allow Rockcave a short vacation with the Scorpion Queen and to mingle among his own kind. The steps Crewe must take to satisfy his paired animal involve a whole assortment of people who Crewe is not so fond of–including Cheyenne.

While Crewe becomes stronger and proves his worth to learn how to make a portal, he learns a number of things about the Jet Reapers, including that they have a holding area for Cados. when Crewe finds a Cados leader and his wife and son in detainment being treated poorly, he begins to question the motives of the Jet Reapers.

Among the Jet Reapers is a Pearl Defender, someone who does not think all Cados are bad, and that not all wizards are good (and where have we heard this before? The dream of his mother as well as from Cheyenne–what could their connection be?)

The end leaves promise of a more exciting battle to come. If you can move past the set up and installment of the first novel, this one surpasses it greatly and shows promise for future installments in the series, so at least give this second book a try before you give up on Crewe Chase!


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