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Hello everyone! My name is Teresa and I am a writer in every form as well as an educator!

Welcome to my blog!


Here I will be posting creative writing (poetry and short stories) as well as blogging book reviews and some current events that people may want to talk about or go to.

I review all genres and also read and post honest reviews for advanced reader copies or giveaways that I receive from publishers.

I  take review requests if there is a book you want to read and just can’t decide on it, or if you just want to see how I review a particular series, let me know! Just keep in mind, if I haven’t read it, I’ll need to read it, so patience.

I have many short stories and poems that I would like to share with everyone while I am also working on a novel. For more on my writing you can visit Mullin Publishing.

Professional Reader

I will also be posting some writing advice every once in awhile, as well as any writing events or author signings I may be attending (or that I know about but can’t attend). If you have any creative writing questions about short stories, poetry, or novel writing, let me know and I can post some advice. I don’t really do non-fiction but if you have questions about non-fiction, I may be able to answer.

Also, I love animals and succulents. Some of my posts might become random tangents of a silly cat or a succulent story.

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