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Hello everyone! My name is Teresa  and I am a writer in every form as well as an educator!

Welcome to my blog!


Here I will be posting creative writing (poetry and short stories) as well as blogging about book reviews and some current events that people may want to talk about or go to.

So book reviews are going to be related to what’s popular now (mostly) with the occasional children’s book (preschool age), manga, and literature. They will come out once a week to once every two weeks. Current list of reviews coming (not necessarily in this order):

Carve the Mark
The Gunslinger
A Dance With Dragons
Mortal Instruments (whole series)
Infernal Devices (whole series)

Shakespeare’s Second Tetralogy (Four Plays)

I will also take review requests if there is a book you want to read and just can’t decide on it, or if you just want to see how I review a particular series, let me know! Just keep in mind, if I haven’t read it, I’ll need to read it, so patience.

I have many short stories and poems that I would like to share with everyone while I am concurrently pitching a full novel to agents.

I will also be posting some writing advice every once in awhile, as well as any writing events or author signings I may be attending (or that I know about but can’t attend). If you have any creative writing questions about short stories, poetry, or novel writing, let me know and I can post some advice. I don’t really do non-fiction but if you have questions about non-fiction, I may be able to answer.

Also, I love animals and succulents. Some of my posts might become random tangents of a silly cat or a succulent story.

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