Prodigy (Legend Trilogy Book 2)–Should You Read It?

Genre: Young Adult Dystopian

Rating: 4.5/5

Prodigy, just like the first novel in the series-Legend, is a fantastic novel. It is almost just as good as the first novel (almost…). While the first novel develops the characters and their relationship, the second novel not only advances on that, but goes deeper into the politics of not only the Republic and Colonies, but what their war looks like on a global level as well.

Like the first novel, Day’s chapters are in colored text. While the first novel is gold, this novel presents Day’s chapters in blue (I am seeing a potentially patriotic theme here). Also, the second novel harbors a United States map (below) of how the sea level has changed with the melting of all Antarctica and the polar ice caps. This is vastly important because the war between the Republic and the Colonies has to do with land. The people of the colonies have been forced from the east to try and find a haven in the west, where there is still more land. We learn that the Republic kills those who fail the trial as a means of population control.

The ruthless Elector Primo has died, and his young son, Anden, becomes the new elector. Searching for the Patriots-a rebellious group against the Republic- in Las Vegas, Day and June fine themselves enlisting with the Patriots in  a plot to assassinate the new Elector. They both feel strongly about overthrowing the government, but when June learns what Anden is really like and what his plans are to change the republic, she knows she must stop the assassination of Anden by any means necessary. Day receives her signal and is unsure of why she wants him to stop the assassination and save the Elector of the Republic that he loathes so much. But Day trusts her judgment.

Together, Day and June stop the assassination, preventing a revolution. After a visit to the colonies, Day finds that he does love the Republic. He doesn’t want to see it fall, but to see it change. Anden offers June a chance to run for the Princeps position, the next highest position in the country and the Elector’s most trusted advisor, a position that will distance June from Day. When Day learns that whatever the Republic injected into his brain after the trials is killing him, he urges June to take the position, leaving her behind.

I can’t wait to see how things conclude in Champion. What will happen to Day and June and their relationship? How will the Republic change? Will Day remain faithful to this new, young Elector? I have never been more excited to read a third book in a trilogy until now (which means, YES you should read this book).  Also, like the first novel, there is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel adaptation (below). Also like the first one, many of the finer details have been left out, but it is still a visually fantastic read, an I highly recommend the graphic novel as well.


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