Star Wars Highlight: Comics (Part 17)

There are many, many comics in the world of Star Wars. The ones I have here vary in era, art, publication date, publisher, and style, but they are all interesting releases both to the old Expanded Universe as well as the new canon. They are listed in order based on the Battle of Yavin. Just remember, this is a highlight on a small fraction of a larger whole.

Knights of the Old Republic: War (3962 BBY)

Publisher: Dark Horse (5 Issues)

Writer: John Jackson Miller

Artist(s): Andrea Mutti, Michael Atiyrh, Pierluigi Baldassini, et. al.

This is the 10th and last compiled volume in the KotOR series of graphic novels. It contains “War” parts 1-5. While Zayne Carrick has been on a number of adventures throughout the galaxy, the Mandaloriean war has continued all the while. Now the Jedi have offered to help in the war, but Zayne was drafted from his home planet into the fray. When Dallan Morvis, a Republic commander, does not see eye-to-eye with Zayne’s way of doing things and even finds Zayne to be a jinx, their mix-up in the war becomes even more problematic. Taken in by a Deveronian Mandie whose child Zayne saved, Morvis and Zayne must try to work together rather than doing things their own way, or they will never get out of the Mandoaide alive!

While the cover art on this volume is amazing, the interior art does not match up with the presentation of the characters on the cover (witch is never the case, but Zayne could have at least still had long hair in the interior). The story was a nice added bonus to the KotOR series in that the two main arcs are finished, but we get to see an aspect of the war that had been hanging overhead throughout those main story arcs in the first place. All-in-all a nice conclusive volume.


Image result for star wars marvel darth maul

Star Wars: Darth Maul (Approximately 35 BBY)

Publisher: Marvel (5 Issues)

Writer: Cullen Bunn

Artist(s): Luke Ross, Rod Reis, Jordan D. White (editor), and Heather Antos (assistant editor)

This story follows Darth Maul in his early days as Darth Sidious’s apprentice, before the events in The Phantom Menace. Darth Maul is itching to kill some Jedi, but Sidious asks him to be patient, that the time is not right just yet. Since he cannot kill any Jedi just yet, Darth Maul spends his time hunting down crime lords, even though that does not satiate his blood lust. One of the crime lords that Darth Maul pursues has a captive Jedi Padawan up for sale to the highest bidder. This catches his attention. Not only is it a crime lord that he can punish, but he can take the opportunity to go behind his masters back and practice his skills against an actual Jedi.

When this series was first announced, I was very excited, because I feel like we do not get enough information on Darth Maul and that he could have been an even better character, given the chance of development. I was somewhat disappointed in that the context was not what I was expecting. I think I was expecting something like the story of how Maul ended up with Sidious, or something along those lines. Despite the slow start, semi-interesting-but-kind-of-not plot, and development of Maul not being what I was expecting, it was still interesting to see what drives him and to get even a slight glimpse into his past as a Sith apprentice.



Image result for jedi council acts of war

Jedi Council: Acts of War (33 BBY)

Publisher: Dark Horse (4 Issues)

Writer: Randy Stradley

Artist(s): Davide Fabbri, Christian Dalla Vecchia, Dave McCaig, et. al.

This graphic novel compiles “Acts of War” parts 1-4. In this comic, Mace Windu is left with figuring out which Jedi to dispatch to hunt down the Yinchorri, a more violent race that fights against the Republic. While the Jedi are against killing other living beings, when the Yinchorri attack the Jedi Temple, Yoda shows no mercy. Among four planets, the Jedi must weed out the base of the Yinchorri and put an end to their violent acts once and for all. Little do the Jedi know that Palpatine is using the Yinchorri to deplete the Jedi and put his plans into further action, while his apprentice yearns to join the action.

I actually thought this graphic novel was very interesting. We get to see some iconic Jedi in action that we do not see many details of in other comics (including the Clone Wars). Seeing Palpatine and Maul on the sidelines of this event was likewise a nice way to spice up the conflict of the story as well. I really enjoyed the art and found that the different races among the Jedi were depicted well and in an interesting way.


Image result for star wars legacy broken

Star Wars Legacy: Broken (130 ABY)

Publisher: Dark Horse (5 Issues)

Writer: John Ostrander and Jan Duursema

Artist(s): Dan Parsons, Brad Anderson, Adam Hughes, Michael David Thomas

This volume contains issues 1-3 and 5-6 of “Star Wars, Legacy.” This story follows the descendant of Luke Skywalker, Cade Skywalker. When the Sith rise once more, they aim to destroy the Jedi similar to events of the past. After reviving his master from death and going out to avenge his the death of his father, Cade’s presence vanished from the world, but his master senses he is still alive. Meanwhile, the Sith lord Darth Krayt takes over as the new Emperor, and has a bounty out for the previous Emperor and his daughter. Seven years pass and Cade is a bounty hunter with two others who picked him up from space. Jedi are worth more in their bounties, but when Cade gets mixed up with a princess, his friends find out his Jedi heritage, the Sith make their appearance, and he is reunited with his old Jedi brethren. Now Cade must help bring down the Sith and live up to the legacy of the name Skywalker.

I dove into this series not having read any of the novels after about 20 ABY, so I wasn’t sure if I would like this or not without some of the previous Legacy context. On the contrary, I really loved this! Cade (is hot) is an interesting character, and so are his companions. Even the Sith are portrayed in a unique and beautifully artistic way that adds an extra dynamic of enjoyment to this comic. While is appears to repeat some of the same plot from the original Star Wars movies, this has great potential for character development and plot deviation, so I am pretty excited to see where this will go.


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